Pony Facts

Characteristically Highland Ponies are hardy, docile and suitable for all the family. They are long-lived and hard working being capable of carrying and pulling large weights.

They give a versatile ride and are often used for driving, hunting and when crossed with thoroughbreds, produce hunters and eventers.

Highlands can live out all the year round and are therefore cheap to keep. They are undoubtedly the "pony of economy" being able to be ridden by all shapes and sizes in a family at minimal cost and maximum pleasure.

They are a sound investment, either increasing or at least holding their value.




Brownbread Perigrin in harness in Germany


Many working Highlands in Scotland are used for carrying the deer down for  the stalker and Gilly using a special harness.  They carry up to 20 stone with tremendous bone in their sure-footed legs.

Queenie, a mouse dun mare, with foal and stallion, Mackenziedene with his other mares

Seamas Mor of New Calgary, Champion at Malvern many years ago with Dinty.  This is the pony that Beswick Pottery did the model for the Highland Pony

Brownbread Tabitha, 1st at Heathfield Show 2007, enjoys a mutual itching session with her broodmare friend, Queenie just before Queenie was to have her foal.
Tabitha's colouring, liver chestnut with flaxen mane & tail is bred at Brownbread where we loosely call it chocolate and has largely been passed down from the Scottish Isle of Rhum and certainly with Brownbread's first stallion, Rhum Bloodstone and also by the late Claymore Tommy who died in 2006, 33yrs

  Brownbread Tabitha tries to walk up the steps on the haha!

All ponies pictured above are from Brownbread Highland Pony Centre, except Seamas Mor