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Old News

Highland Open Day June 14th 2009; everyone had a good time and Laira and Cat gave a training demo.  Pics below tell a lot more about the lovely day and the tour around the stud.





At the Heathfield Show 26th May 2007

"Brownbread Tabitha" came first.
She was also shown at the South of England Show last June where she came 2nd

Tabitha is a stunning liver-chestnut with flaxen mane & tail


10th June '07 Open Day

Fine weather again brought in the Highland enthusiasts from all over the area including north of the Thames.  The morning ride was cancelled as there were insufficient riders and ponies for the ride.  A buffet lunch started the party in good spirits and again several popped into the pool for a refreshing dip.  Dinty conducted the tour around the stud at about 3pm followed by the tea and delicious cakes.  Several played bowls and a good time was had by all

The editorial for the Open Days has been pretty consistant tho' there is a gradual increase on numbers attending.  The August 06 day was typical of recent days......

Highland Pony Open day '06

Sunday, 13th August 2006, 36 visitors from  as far as Hampshire and Surrey munched through a buffet lunch on the lawns in glorious sunshine.  They then enjoyed a conducted tour of the farm to see the rare breed Rhum ponies.  These ponies are well-known for their beautiful colours and friendly temperaments.   These passive qualities are ideal for disabled riders and the Centre has a history of uniquely training some of these selected ponies specifically for disabled riders, both RDA groups and private individuals where they have given much pleasure.

After their walk the visitors returned to tea and cakes, swimming, croquet and swapping anecdotes and Secretary of the Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club, Heather Cornes was on hand to enrol new members.Information: 01424 893922.  or 892381

Some of the Highland ponies were for sale and it was possible that prior arrangements could be made to try these out. For information and a sales list contact Dinty on 01424 892381. For membership details call South East Coordinator, Heather Cornes, 01732 843587. Many of the enthusiastic visitors enjoyed the croquet and swimming pool and relaxed on the lawn with chocolate cake taking up the spaced-out Highland minds.. This was a fun day; did you enjoy the day? Enjoy the Highlands, enjoy being with friends? Highland Ponies are very different to other equines; these ponies cement lifelong relationships; you join our enthusiasts club & you will be hooked for life as the animals and our friendship will overcome you. You are special to us as you have an insight to equine welfare as well as the historic continuation of the Highland pony breed. Ring me on 01424 893922 or Heather as we have so much great fun to share with you.